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Republic Gold Mining’s vision is to become a leading mining construction materials supplier and producer, focusing on mining in Australia’s slate belt gold provinces.

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The results continue to confirm the potential for a large scale body of mineralisation at Burraga and extend the mineralised strike length from 850 metres as defined by the early results of this drilling programme to over 2,400 metres.


Larrice Mannings

The results of the new drilling have significantly extended the dimensions of this lower grade zone, with low grade lead and zinc results particularly, extending right from the surface to the top of the old mine workings. The other main producing mine at Burraga was the Sprague’s Mine.

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Republic Gold’s recently appointed Technical Director,  said “I visited Burraga for the first time this week and saw extensive evidence of chalcopyrite (copper) mineralisation on the surface, in the vicinity of the Excelsior Shaft.

The potential scale of the project is evident from the old workings and the results that the Company has achieved to-date.

The positive drilling results occurring over a strike length of 2,400 metres is impressive. My next task now is to look at finalising a geological computerised model so that the controls on the mineralisation and the geometry of the mineralised structures can be better understood. With this done we can finalise a Stage 2 drilling programme.”


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