Shareholders Information

Annual General Meeting 2011

Announcement of the 2011 AGM
to be held at 3pm on
Tuesday 29th November 2011 at
Level 4
60 Carrington St
Sydney NSW 2000  

Shareholder enquiries

Shareholders with enquiries about their shareholding should contact the company’s share registry,  Advance Share Registry Services Limited:

150 Stirling Highway
Nedlands WA 6009
Telephone +61 (08) 9389 8033
Facsimile +61 (08) 9389 7871

Change of address

Shareholders who have changed their address should immediately notify the company’s share registry in writing.

Consolidation of shareholdings

Shareholders who wish to consolidate their separate shareholdings into one holding should notify the company’s share registry in writing.

Annual Reports

If shareholders wish to receive the Annual Report, please notify the company’s share registry in writing. Shareholders will be sent the Notices of Meetings. The latest Annual Report can be accessed from the company’s website at

Stock Exchange listing

The company’s shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ASX codes: RAU and share options as: RAUO and RAUOA. Details of the trading activity of the company's shares are published in most daily newspapers, generally under the abbreviation RAU.