ASX Announcements: May 26, 2004

Native Title Progress

26 May 2004

The Manager
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Australian Stock Exchange Limited


The Directors of Republic Gold Limited today advise that the Company has received correspondence from the North Queensland Land Council advising that a motion has been passed in favour of the terms and conditions of negotiated access agreements for EPMs 13675, 13937, 13938 and 13941 by the Western Yalangi Working Group. The Western Yalangi is the native title claimant in the area covered by these EPMs. In addition, the Working Group has progressed access agreements for EPMs 12227 and 12229.

Republic Gold’s Managing Director John Kelly said, “The Company and the North Queensland Land Council have worked together with a spirit of goodwill to ensure these access agreements benefit both the Western Yalangi People and the Company. I am particularly pleased that they will lead to the employment of local indigenous youth by Republic Gold.”

In addition, the North Queensland Land Council advised that significant progress has been made in respect of an access agreement for EPM 13848, with this access agreement to be considered by the Djungan Working Group in early June. In addition, an authorisation meeting of the Muluridji People will be convened to consider the same access agreement.

The formal signing of the Western Yalangi access agreements will allow the high impact EPMs 13937, 13938 and 13941 to progress to grant. The grant of EPM 13937 will allow the Company to commence its drilling programme on the Tregoora Project.

Yours faithfully

John Kelly
Managing Director
Republic Gold Limited

For more information, please contact: Greg Barns on 0419 691 846 or John Kelly on 0418 577 759.

For more information, please contact: Greg Barns ([email protected]) on 0419 691 846 or John Kelly ([email protected]) on 0418 577579.