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South Australia

Callabonna Uranium

Republic  commenced the 2009 financial year with a 35% interest in Callabonna Uranium Pty Limited ("Callabonna").

Shortly after the end of the 2009 financial year, a transaction was announced whereby the Republic interest converted into shares in the listed and newly named company Callabonna Uranium Limited (“CUU”), formerly MKY Resources Limited.

Republic has converted its 7.23% interest in Callabonna into 38,825,328 shares in CUU following the recent approval by CUU shareholders.  The general meeting of CUU to approve the transaction was held on 25 September 2009.  Republics shares in CUU are escrowed for a 12-month period from the time of the general meeting.

Callabonna's 3,533 square kilometres of uranium areas in South Australia in the Frome Embayment are highly prospective and lie in the vicinity of four existing uranium projects – the producing Beverley Mine and the Oban, Honeymoon and 4 Mile Projects.  The Callabonna Project has “drill-ready” sandstone channel uranium targets defined by airborne electro-magnetics.

In addition to its CUU shareholding Republic will also share in a production royalty on the Callabonna tenements with the two other founding partners in the venture.

CUU has a newly constituted board of Directors, which will include Mike Raetz from Callabonna who was the geologist who assembled the Callabonna tenement package and a representative from Korea’s SK Energy, one of Korea's largest companies.