Hodgkinson Basin

Chris Roberts and Andrew Harwood at Tregoora.
Chris Roberts and Andrew Harwood at Tregoora.

The Hodgkinson Basin lies in Far North Queensland, stretching from the south of Herberton northwards to Cooktown and approximately 150 kilometers inland from the coast. In the opinion of John Kelly and Chris Roberts, the geological setting of the central Hodgkinson Basin is very similar to Central Victoria. Most of the alluvial gold mined in the Hodgkinson Basin is thought to have been sourced from quartz reefs.

Republic Gold has assembled a significant tenement portfolio in the Hodgkinson Basin in Far North Queensland. We now have a total coverage of 5,419 square kilometres of land, by far the dominant land position in the Hodgkinson Basin goldfields area.

A small map of the Hodgkinson area
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The Company’s extensive portfolio includes a number of highly prospective project areas. The Company has highlighted four areas to concentrate on in its initial drilling programme. These are the Northcote, Tregoora, Atric and Pinnacles Projects. A brief description of each is presented here, along with description of Republic’s other major joint-venture tenements.

1 – EPMs 9869 and 13848 - Northcote Project (Republic 75%)

The Northcote Project is a joint venture between the Company (75%) and Jackson Gold Limited and International Goldfields Limited (25% combined). The Company is the sole funder of exploration for the project up to the point where it commits to a mine development. At this stage the two joint venture partners can elect to contribute or dilute.

The Black Bess pit at Northcote
The Black Bess pit at Northcote

Thumbnail: Cross-section of the Sleeping Giant at Tregoora
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2 - EPM 13937 - Tregoora Project (Republic 100%)

Small pit at Tregoora.
A small pit at Tregoora.

The Tregoora Project, lying on the regionally significant Retina Fault, has the potential to outstrip Northcote and become the Company’s main project area. Tregoora lies completely within EPM 13937. There are four small mining leases owned by a prospector that are excised from the EPM. This prospector mined oxide mineralisation at the site for a number of years. The Company believes that the Tregoora area conforms to the orogenic/Fosterville style of mineralisation that is the Company’s model for exploration in the Hodgkinson Basin.

Thumbnail: Tregoora plan
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Thumbnail: Cross-section of the Sleeping Giant at Tregoora
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3 - EPM 8689 - Atric Project (Republic Earning Up To 90%)

The Atric Project was the reason for the Company’s initial interest in the Hodgkinson Basin with its marked geological similarities to the Fosterville deposit in Victoria. With the success of the drilling programme at Northcote and the acquisition of the deposits within the two relinquished mining leases at Tregoora, Atric has slipped down the priority list to third place. Although moderately isolated, it is only approximately 30 kilometres to the west of Tregoora, and as such now appears as though it might best fit the Company’s production strategy by being a satellite operation of a larger operation at Tregoora.

4 - EPM 13848 - Pinnacles Project (Republic 75%)

The Pinnacles Project sits 10 kilometres to the west of Northcote. It has been drilled, with 25 RC holes, but has not had a JORC-compliant resource calculated for it. The Pinnacles Project is a series of shallowly dipping stacked veins that has the potential to bulk up into a shallow low grade open-pittable oxide resource. No known drilling into sulphide mineralisation exists at Pinnacles.

5- BHP Billiton Joint Venture (Republic Earning Up To 100%)

These two granted tenements, EPMs 12227 and 12229 are still subject to the negotiation of native title access agreements.

It appears that a number of historic stibnite occurrences are to be found in some of the BHP Billiton tenements.

6- EPM 13675 Joint Venture (Republic Owning 100% Rights to Hard Rock Resources)

EPM 13675 is held in joint venture with a local prospector. The Company has 100% of the rights to any hard-rock gold resource and the prospector has 100% rights to any alluvial gold resource. EPM 13675 covers the Fine Gold Creek area to the north of the Mitchell River.

Republic’s Other Tenements

The other tenements in the Company’s portfolio are EPMs 13936, 13938, 13941, 14735, 14736, 14737, 14738, 14739 and 14740. Of these only EPM 13936 has been granted. EPMs 14735 to 14740 have recently been applied for. A notice to grant decision has been received for EPM 14737.

OME drilling at the Emily Prospect
OME drilling at the Emily Prospect, Northcote

Schedule of Tenements as at 30 June, 2004


Tenement Owner Tenement No. Project Name Area Sq Kms Interest Status


BHP Billiton Minerals Pty Limited* EPM 11538 Palmer 107 Earning to 90% Application
EPM 11539 White Horse Creek 65 Earning to 90% Application
EPM 11540 Maytown 272 Earning to 90% Application
EPM 11541 Granite Creek 87 Earning to 90% Application
EPM 11717 Mt Mulligan 237 Earning to 90% Application âÄì Expedited Procedure
EPM 12004 Groganville 26 Earning to 90% Application
EPM 12227 Pinnacles 256 Earning to 90% Granted
EPM 12228 Monarch 324 Earning to 90% Application âÄì Expedited Procedure
EPM 12229 Big Watson 356 Earning to 90% Granted
Gilbert William Kelly EPM 13675 Fine Gold Creek 233 100% of hard rock gold Granted
Neil Francis Stuart* EPM 8689 Atric 23 Earning to 90% Granted
Republic Gold Limited EPM 9869 Northcote 81 75% Granted
EPM 13848 Northcote Extended 395 75% Granted
EPM 13936 Bellevue 243 100% Granted
EPM 14735 Mount Elephant 324 100% Application
EPM 14736 Elizabeth Creek 408 100% Application
EPM 14737 Spring Creek 304 100% Application
EPM 14738 Hodgkinson River 324 100% Application
EPM 14739 Maitland Downs 324 100% Application
EPM 14740 Pinnacles Fill-In 256 100% Application
Republic Gold Pty Limited EPM 13937 Ringer 301 100% High Impact Application
EPM 13938 St George 227 100% High Impact Application
EPM 13941 Reedy Extended 246 100% High Impact Application