Republic is committed to conducting our operations in such a manner as to minimise our impact on the environment while still allowing our operations to be commercially viable. We commit ourselves to giving due consideration to the environmental impacts of our work throughout the exploration, development and mining cycle and to implement methods to minimise our impact.

Republic will adhere to all environmental laws and regulations applicable to our operations and where adequate laws do not exist, adopt and apply standards that reflect the Company's commitment to the environment.

In order to fulfill our commitment to minimize our environmental impact we will:

  • Assess the environmental impacts of our activities. Monitor and audit our environmental performance in order to continuously improve.
  • Implement systems to reduce our impact on the environment, reduce our emissions, increase re-cycling, and more efficiently use energy and water resources.
  • Rehabilitate areas affected by our operations.
  • Ensure environmental impacts are considered during planning and operational processes.
  • Provide appropriate information, training and supervision necessary to meet our environmental commitments and responsibilities.
  • Communicate our environment policy to all employees and external stakeholders.
  • Work with traditional landowners and value their environmental knowledge.
  • Ensure that employees, contractors and visitors are informed of and understand their obligations in respect of this policy.