Republic Gold's Sustainability Policy

Sustainable development at Republic encompasses our commitment and policy towards health, safety, the environment and the community.  We aim to create sustainable value for our shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and our communities.

We aspire to care for our people, our communities and the environment and strive to achieve leading industry practice. Sound principles to govern safety, business conduct, social, environmental and economic activities are integral to the way we do business.
In July 2009 the Board of Republic endorsed The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights – - and the Company’s security policies will be consistent with those Principles.

Wherever Republic operates the Company will develop, implement and maintain management systems for sustainable development that drive continual improvement and ensure the Company:

  • identify, assess and manage risks to our employees, contractors, the environment and our communities
  • do not compromise our safety values and seek ways to promote/improve the health of our workforce and the community in which we operate
  • uphold ethical business practices
  • understand, promote and uphold fundamental human rights within our influence including respect for indigenous traditional rights and cultural heritage
  • encourage a diverse workforce, providing a work environment in which everyone is treated fairly, respectfully and can realise their full potential
  • promote biodiversity protection by assessing and considering ecological values and land-use aspects in investment, operational and closure activities
  • set targets that promote efficient use of resources, including reducing and preventing pollution
  • engage regular communication with people affected by our operations, and take into consideration their views and concerns during decision making processes
  • develop partnerships that foster the sustainable development of our communities, whilst enhancing economic benefits from our operations
  • regularly review our performance and report our progress publicly.
  • In implementing this Policy, we will seek the support and involvement of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and communities in sharing responsibility to meet our requirements.
  • We are committed to working with our community and other key stakeholders to achieve positive environmental, social and economic benefits.